• Scrawl
    Reverse OCR handwriting conversion using DeepLearning
  • SubRecon
    Concurrent subdomain takeover enumeration tool written in Go
  • Exurb1a-ai
    GPT2 trained with exurb1a captions
  • Yoink (WIP)
    Ultra fast crawler based on Rust
  • Zealabs/poppincalc (WIP)
    Semantic code analysis and automated exploit developement automation.

Exploits 🧙

  • CVE-2020-8958
    Authenticated Remote Code Execution Exploit for NetLink Routers using boa server.

Issues I’ve patched
Patches: Github Search
Disclosures: Huntr

CVEs 🔮

  • CVE-2020-28499: Prototype Pollution in merge
  • CVE-2020-7681: Path traversal in marscode
  • CVE-2020-15256: Prototype Pollution in object-path(Advisory)
  • CVE-2021-27213: Arbitrary code execution due to insecure YAML desearilization in pystemon

Recent Updates

  • Created CTF Challenges and conducted the YASCON CTF 2020 with @zealabs
  • Created CTF Challenges, Volunteered and Conducted DomeCTF 2021 with @yetanothersec, @zealabs and Kerala Police Cyberdome.
  • Secured first place in c0c0n XII Cyberdome 2020 CTF.
  • India skills State level winner(2020) in cybersecurity trade with teammate Ajmal Aboobacker.
  • InCTF 2019 Finalist and Hardware CTF(2019) runner up.
indiaskills pic 2020 hehe